Plausibility: similarities and differences between La Malinche and Pocahontas


  • Míriam Fernández Santiago Universidad de Granada



historiography, narrative convention, Malinche, Pocahontas, plausibility


The myths developed over several centuries on the historical figures of the Malinche and Pocahontas have had different developments that reflect the colonial policies of the Spanish and British empires, as well as the distinctive postcolonial positions that arise in the United States and Mexico after their independence. I intend to question the apparent similarities existing between these two historical figures and try to explain the divergence that occurs in the development of successive narratives (both historical and fictional) of which they are the central axis. I conclude that the North and South sides of the North American border elaborate different discourses based on plausible historical realities that were developed by, and would develop the signs of Mexican and American national identities.


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Fernández Santiago, M. (2019). Plausibility: similarities and differences between La Malinche and Pocahontas. Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies, 60, 51–70.



ARTICLES: Literature, film and cultural studies