Kripkenstein's Paradox


  • Gustavo Picazo University of Murcia



In this note I present a solution to Kripkenstein’s paradox, based on a very simple argument: (1) language and rule-following are empirical phenomena; (2) no case has been described, in real life, of a person who behaves as Wittgenstein’s or Kripke’s fictional character; (3) therefore, the discussion of such a case is completely devoid of interest. I lay out the example of a ‘Kripkensteinian apple’, which has a normal weight on even days and is weightless on odd days, in order to highlight the contrast between a genuinely empirical perspective, such as that of physics, and the logical-analytical perspective, under which Kripkenstein’s paradox has attracted so much attention.


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Biografía del autor/a

Gustavo Picazo, University of Murcia

Department of Philosophy

Reader in Logic and philosophy of science

(Profesor Titular de Lógica y filosofía de la ciencia)