Phonological Remarks on Spanish Loanwords in English


  • Estrella Ramírez Quesada Universidad de Córdoba



phonology, loanwords, English, Spanish, phonemes


This paper focuses on loanword phonology in the context of Spanish words that have become part of the English lexicon in the 20th century. The background section shows that attention has been paid to Spanish words used in English from a lexical point of view, but scarcely regarding phonology. Furthermore, the few existing studies of loanword phonology do not deal in depth with Spanish and English as an example of crosslinguistic contact. Therefore, this paper aims at contributing to the explanation of the phonological adaptations occurring in Spanish words when integrated into English, and therefore the conditions of English phonology that operate in the process of perception and production of Spanish loanwords. In doing so, two areas of interest are analysed: vowel phonemes and consonant phonemes, mainly in relation to their distinctive features and the distribution of units and also considering related phenomena such as phonetic and orthographical factors.


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Ramírez Quesada, E. (2021). Phonological Remarks on Spanish Loanwords in English. Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies, 64.



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