C. MANIAQUE (ed.) - Les années 68 et la formation des architectes


  • Débora Domingo-Calabuig Universitat Politècnica de València




Caroline Maniaque (ed.)
Les années 68 et la formation des architectes
Rouen: Éditions point de vues, 2018, 320 páginas. Idioma: francés. 28 €.
ISBN: 978-2-37195-023-8


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Biografía del autor/a

Débora Domingo-Calabuig, Universitat Politècnica de València

Débora Domingo-Calabuig (Valencia, 1972) has been an architect since 1997, after studying in the School of Architecture of the Universitat Politécnica de València (UPV) and the School of Architecture of Paris-La Défense, and a PhD architect since 2005 through the UPV. She joined the Department of Architectural Projects in the UPV in 2000 where she is currently a PhD associate professor. Between 2012 and 2016, she was the assistant director for research for the School of Architecture in Valencia and is a member of Research Academy of the European Association for Architectural Education. Her research is focused on the social consideration of architecture and urbanism during the 60s and 70s. She has developed alongside professor Raúl Castellanos Gómez a research project on the mat-building whose results have been published in Boletín Académico Contemporáneo (2011), Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura (2011, 2012), The Architectural Review (2013), DEARQ (2015), and arq: Architectural Research Quarterly (2016). Recently, this research has led her to the re-compiling of the post-war university campuses since some case studies are perfectly in line with the definition of “open work” by Umberto Eco. dedoca@pra.upv.es




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Domingo-Calabuig, D. (2019). C. MANIAQUE (ed.) - Les années 68 et la formation des architectes. ZARCH, (12), 232. https://doi.org/10.26754/ojs_zarch/zarch.2019123587



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